Private Real Estate Office

PREO, Private Real-Estate Office, founded by Michèle LARAKI, a professional broker/advisor, acitive for over 20 years in the real estate-market, mainly in the cantons of Geneva an Vaud.

PREO aims to offer a best-in-class service in prime real-estate transactions and will closely assist you during each of the steps you will need to undertake, either to acquire or to sell your property, including evalutate and advise you on price, guide you (all the way) through the legal aspects and fees and inform you about the local mortgage market.

PREO establishes a personalized and privileged contact between buyers and sellers, ensures a rapid follow-up on all your demands and, most importantly, provides you full discretion and confidentiality.

PREO also accepts mandates from potential buyers that seek, specific, or exclusive properties.

Michèle LARAKI is able to leverage off a very large professional and private network, to the benefit of its most demanding clients.